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GPM specializes in Hotel pre-opening procurement. From amenities to FF&E and OS&E, we provide comprehensive reports and comparisons by sourcing from our global business partners and suppliers to provide the best products in terms of price and quality to our customers.



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Project Procurement​

Our team brings together a wide array of skills and experiences from all over the globe. From detailed feasibility budgeting to value engineering design briefs to offshore sourcing solutions to placement and delivery, we are able to provide a services package to best fit your specific project requirements for your specific location.

Brand Product Development

With over 30 years of Hotel Operating Experience held within the team, and in-depth knowledge of guest experience benchmarks across all brand categories, Paro can provide a platform to develop and direct source brand-specific FF&E and OS&E to produce your designed guest experience within your hotel.

From new brands and concepts to refurbs and re-branding, Paro will work as part of the team to bring your concepts to life, coupled with a strategic procurement platform to also achieve the benefits of consolidation and scalability to maximize the financial efficiencies of the project

Turnkey FF&E and OS&E

GPM is able to provide full turnkey services for the delivery of both FF&E and OS&E for your project. Working with our skilled partners, we have the capability to undertake a wide scope of work to assist in maximizing the financial benefits for your new build project.

ur team is able to provide detailed and accurate QS services to ensure pre-project budgeting is detailed and accurate, and our team of logistics and fit-out specialists with work with your main contractor to ensure the successful delivery of the project to meet and exceed all stakeholder expectations.​

Outsourced Procurement Services​

Paro can provide an overall Procurement management plan for operators and owning groups. Annualized Reporting and Tender works, Services Contract Negotiations. Product development, sourcing, and alternate direct supply.

Pre Opening Budgeting and Planning

Paro can provide advisory services for pre-project feasibility plans. Detailed budget reviews for FF&E, OS&E, and POB to the required Brand Standards. Review and advisory on procurement programs and value engineering practices