Who we are


At GPM we strongly believe in applying our practice of Commitment, Integrity and Reliability to all aspects of our business to stay ahead of the competition.

Our mission is to be a leader in global procurement, applying state of the art systems and utilising our expertise to fulfil our customers’ requirement.

Our goal is to deliver efficient and professional procurement services, providing effective cost management to our clients. To achieve our goal, we constantly review and update our processes and focus on closely collaboration with our clients at all levels.


What we do


We work directly and closely with our suppliers, evolving into a more cohesive partnership for better quality and price control by putting our client’s interest as top priority. We source for products and evaluate prices, negotiate for the best deals and make recommendation to our clients ensuring they derive the most benefits from the total cost of ownership. We simplify the procurement process by bringing a bespoke service to each individual client using our experience and expertise in procurement and strategic negotiation.